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Those Who Don't Jump Will Never Fly



The Torch is my all time favorite kite. To me it’s like a sports car. If you want it to go, it really goes! I love that feeling. The airtime you get on this kite is like no other. With this kite I won the 2009 Freestyle world championships and the 2014 RedBull King of the Air.

Monarch 134x42

The Monarch 134 is my go to board for any kind of conditions and any kind of style. Whether I ride in crazy Cape Town conditions or butter flat water this board does it all for me. The flat rocker will give you a lot of speed and controle. Can’t wait to ride it again.


This wetsuit keeps me warm on the cold days and doesn’t limit my movements. This suit is so flexible that is almost feels like you are walking naked. Who doesn’t want that?!!


The Pivot is my wave riding kite. This kite is so easy to fly to your main focus can be on the wave. It’s doesn’t matter where you put the kite in the wind window it’s very easy to find the power you need. It will never do any thing unexpected and that’s exactly the thing I’m looking for in a wave kite. So many good sessions already done on this kite and I’m sure there are a lot more to come.

Skater M (5'2)

The 2016 Skater is one of my favorite boards to ride in waves and for strapless freestyle. The board is a lot shorter than you are used to but don’t get fooled by the size. Because of the wide tail and nose and because of the straight out line the board is very easy to ride. Just love the easy feel of the board. The light wight really really give you the feeling that you and your board are one.

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