Those Who Don't Jump Will Never Fly



Supermodel feels like an extension of your body. you always feel where the kite is and what it’s doing. That means you can have the most fun on the water and just focus on your tricks, the waves, or whatever the ocean decides to throw at you.


The KevPro is for riders that like to ride fast and want a responsive, forgiving and grippy board.

Ridden by Kevin for its forgiveness and amazing grip that sets you up for bigger & better jumps while offering the smoothest and most controlled landings. You’ll be amazed by how easily the board rides through choppy water, to let you load and send some of the biggest jumps of your life.

Our goal for this year was to provide even more grip, better pop and overall even more comfort. To achieve this, we repositioned the fins slightly closer to the edge of the board on the two bigger sizes to provide natural grip from your back foot without having to even focus on loading it.


Made to ride waves, without or with straps, it provides amazing drive for the easiest bottom to top turn transitions possible.

The rocker, outline and rail shape is inspired from pure high performance surfboards and lets you focus 100% on your waveriding. The Rocker is fairly high with a constant curve for precise and incisive turns. The outline works in combination with the rocker to provide great response to feet input.

Rail flow has been fine-tuned to provide the perfect mix of grip in the tail area for top turns and rebound towards your front foot when leaning for a bottom turn. It makes the board feels extremely lively under your feet.


This wetsuit keeps me warm on the cold days and doesn’t limit my movements. This suit is so flexible that is almost feels like you are walking naked. Who doesn’t want that?!!

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